An easy-to-use widget that adds crucial accessibility features to your website and allows you to collect valuable feedback from users.

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WCAG Compliant
WCAG 2.0 compliant
A11yBar in Action

Accessible features

Addressing accessibility issues on your website is crucial. Stay one step ahead of the curve by installing and collecting feedback with A11yBar.

Accessible for All

Accessible for all

A11yBar not only extends ADA and 508 compliance, but does so in a beautiful way. We've worked with UI/UX experts to ensure that it is a seamless experience for all.

Receive feedback

A11yBar makes collecting feedback a breeze. It also tracks page information and user-generated browser metrics.

Admin Area

Powerful admin area

Use the settings panel to configure A11yBar to your liking. Control color, main anchor tag, accessibility statement, and email location. Use data to your advantage with our usage graphs and statistics.

Easy to Install

Easy to install

A11yBar provides you with a simple line of code to include in your website's <head> section. Simply copy and paste it and you'll be on your way. A11yBar can be accessed as a floating icon, or with tabbing action.

Skip-to-content in action, bypassing the navigation


Instantly make your website more accessible. Enable users using screen readers to skip redundant elements on your website with A11yBar's built-in skip-to-content functionality.

Read more about this skip-to-content links here.


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